Chautauqua Future Uncertain

Chautauqua’s hustling future stays to be determined with Racing NSW stewards prone to manage on his qualification to profit to the track for Monday. The eight-year-old was on a ‘last shot’ after six times neglecting to bounce far from the hindrances in preliminaries and, while he again missed the begin by upwards of ten lengths in the extraordinary preliminary between races at Rosehill on Saturday, he figured out how to keep his hustling vocation alive for an additional couple of days at any rate by flying home to get engaged with the wrap up. Hustling NSW boss steward Marc van Gestel had shown amid the week that if Chautauqua did not bounce as per the general inclination of stewards they would put a restriction on him dashing once more.

Chautauqua did not hop with the field but rather inevitably tarried out of the entryways and after that attached onto the back of the preliminary before the home turn. He at that point released his trademark run to be beaten centimeters by Zousain. Co-mentor Wayne Hawkes affirmed on Saturday evening that Van Gestel had declared a choice on Chautauqua had been conceded until Monday. “The stewards needed to suspend it and hold up until Monday,” Hawkes told “We’ll have a discussion with them at that point. “To be reasonable for him [van Gestel], it is anything but a raceday issue. He has an entire day’s hustling in front of him so it’s solitary reasonable that he suspended it.”

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